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Gearbox's like the V2 in the M4 are a lot harder to reduce sound as the motor can move a little putting the alignment off as it is not secured in a cage. But it still can be fully eliminated in a V2 Gearbox To make the quietest AEG there are 23 points you will need to work on. Here they are: 1.

Orange Tip The orange tip on Airsoft guns help Law Enforcement distinguish the replica guns from their real firearm counterparts. ... High pitch or …

4. Ann Arbor. Well pulling the trigger is a physical thing, pull the gearbox out, see if the safety latch thing is getting stuck, the little piece next to the selector plate. move it back and see if you can pull the trigger. marine121496, Feb 24, 2014. marine121496, Feb 24, 2014.

SHS - 16 TPA High Torque Motor Long Axle for V2 gearbox AEG - DJ0005. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (3) 3 product ratings - SHS - 16 TPA High Torque Motor Long Axle for V2 gearbox AEG - DJ0005. $45.99. Brand: SHS. 82 sold.

A couple of weekends ago I heard an airsofter fire his M4 AEG that was shooting at 350fps and it barely made any noise at all. It was the quietest AEG I have ever heard. There was no real sound that came from the gearbox apart from a low hum and a very little deep thud when the piston hit. Nothing sounded as though it was under any stress at all.

An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, based on the M4, this is the latest version of the G&G Combat Machine. ... V2 Gearbox. Gearbox Wiring Rear Wired . Motor Motor Type ... Unit for Airsoft Guns w/ a 14mm CCW Threaded Barrel, which will illuminate Tracer BBs to light up the night sky, and help you track your BBs to their target. Featuring high power UV LEDs ...

Posted March 13, 2017. so iv built gearbox myself and shimmed and got the engament angle so picks up piston in the 12oclock position. and fitted it fired few test shots and making a funny noise from what sounds like the main spring after the piston have slammed forward. this is the spec.

An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, based on the M4, this is the latest version of the G&G Combat Machine. An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, based on the M4, this is the latest version of the G&G Combat Machine. ... V2 Gearbox. Gearbox Wiring ... and help you track your BBs to their target. Featuring high power UV LEDs, a power-saving motion sensor function and an ...

The hi-pitched noise and over-heating could also mean that your motor needs to be adjusted. There is a screw on the bottom of the pistol grip you use to adjust the motor height. Over-heating could also mean a bad shim job and the gears are grinding on each other. As far as I know KWA doesn't have compatible v2 gearbox parts.

The Specna Arms SA-A27 is an M-LOK Railed, Full Alloy constructed, Modern AR-15 Airsoft Rifle that not only looks but feels awesome! The gun features a sleek alloy M-LOK handguard, a multi position stock, a rotary hop up, Ambi sling plate, RIS sections, flip up iron sights and a MOE style pistol grip. This rifle feels great to hold, is equipped ...

Solution: Apply solder to complete circuit. Gun Makes A Clicking Noise. Possible Issue 1: Your Gearbox is locked. Solution A: Plug in a fully charged battery to your AEG, the battery needs to be of high quality preferably with a nominal voltage of 9.3 Volts or higher. Shoot the AEG and see if it will cycle.

Since these models use an "V2 Long" gearbox, the standard V2 Fusion Engine will not be long enough to interface with the rifle's hop-up chamber and stock bolt. The A&K/JG SR25 Installation Spacer Kit is needed to take up the extra space between the engine and hop-up chamber.

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Airsoft (PLEASE HELP) m4 v2 gearbox grinding noise, inner …; : fifafanone · 6 · 2,276 · Oct 14, 2011; Airsoft (PLEASE HELP) m4 v2 gearbox grinding noise, inner barrel length, new gun + updates ... When i fire the gun, it makes a high pitched grinding noise.

Grinding gearbox. my G&G gr16 (m4) is making a grinding noise. i tried adjusting motor height but even at its highest and lowest setting the grinding is still there. sometimes my motor gets stuck in the hand-guard but if i start low and screw it in slowly when the motor begins to turn the gears its still grinding.

and this method I think is best all round mod to reduce trigger pull on v2's and V3's. still a bit of mod-test-mod a bit more but does seem best method so far. JB Weld or epoxy glue is better than using superglue imho. bit of plastic - bloody neat trigger mod (mosfet of course) sod microswitch imho. On 05/02/2016 at 08:53, simonh said: Been ...

Answer (1 of 2): Sure, and you have a few choices. The quick detach is my favorite. It's simple and keeps the classic look of the AK. There's also the rail that sits on top of the gun. You can also go full tactical rail with something like this My advice would be to google search "Airsoft AK ...

Please, make sure your battery is connected and charged, the safety is off. Squeeze the trigger, no noise not even in a faint click in the pistol grip? Then, Please replace the fuse. This is a common problem of airsoft guns, and should be the first place you check when beginning airsoft maintenance.

Does reduce piston "smacking noise" to a degree and also cushions the gearbox head to deter cracking. SHS Tappet plate. MAXX M4 CNC dual air-seal nozzle (21.25mm for reference) Stock parts (Cylinder, ball bearing spring guide, Anti-rev latch) External Parts. Magpul AFG-2 grip. Magpul XTM Rail covers (Baby one on the top as a thumb rest)

Put it all together, with the broken gear, it fires, great. Makes some horrible noises though, the motor sounds as if it's straining quite a bit still, and the gears sound to be grinding. Take it apart again, check the shimming, loosen it a little, add a little more grease, put it together, it works! Now onto the current problem I have.

See price. Auction £ 22. eBay. Ends : 2d 2h 48m 24secs. See details. More pictures. Airsoft Version 2 Mechbox 8mm Bearing Gearbox. Rea. Airsoft Version 2 Mechbox 8mm Bearing Gearbox, worked well when it was in an sl8. typically brought the rif and didn't use it for a year, so wasn't able to return it.

Some airsoft batteries are alkaline, some rechargeable, some even come in your favorite Marvel character packing. Airsoft batteries are a vital element in your gear! Airsoft Pistols Airsoft is an engaging game played between two opposing teams that use airsoft pistols. The ammo used is made of plastic spherical pellets propelled by a battery.

Comm Gear; Noise Reduction Headsets; Earmuffs; Fingerless Gloves; Hard Knuckle Gloves; ... Big Dragon Airsoft Version 2 Gearbox Quick-Change Spring Rear Wired SKU: AC-406. $80.95 ... Echo1 8mm Metal Version 2 M4 AEG Rear Wired Airsoft Complete Gearbox SKU: JAG-ECHO-M4--8MM.

The freaking spur gear, that retarded brushing pushed itself against the teeth of the spur gear, jamming the entire gearbox, and the Hi-Torque motor had enough strength to break off some tooth from the shitty alloy gears. After all, it got a steel 16:1 gear set, and steel brushing that …